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STRESS is the response of our body to any particular situation, event, or disturbing thought. It is a feeling of emotional and /or physical TENSION. STRESS is the reaction of our mind and body to any STRESSOR as a part of “FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE”. STRESS can show up various symptoms that can be mental, emotional, and physiological.


Before we start on today’ journey about STRESS, let’s take a small test that will reveal whether YOU ARE STRESSED OR NOT!!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed all the time
  • Feeling low most of the time
  • Are you getting bouts of headache very often
  • Does your digestive system looks disturbed
  • Are you facing Sleeping disorders
  • Are you facing Shortness of breath
  • Palpitation issues
  • Are you facing difficulty in sleeping
  • Are you feeling Dehydrated constantly
  • Is there a Loss of appetite
  • Are you dealing with Low productivity
  • Is there a sudden Weight loss
  • Is there moderate to severe hair fall, premature greying of hair
  • Are you down with Low libido (sex drive)
  • Facing Early aging signs
  • Are you feeling Dizzy
  • Are you getting muscle spasms/ muscle tension
  • Have you lost interest in daily activities
  • Are you facing Terrible mood swings
  • Are you facing Anger management issues
  • Feeling emotionally vulnerable
  • Are you getting racing Negative Thoughts
  • Are you into Binge eating to get over the mood swings
  • Do you feel like distancing yourself from people
  • Are you feeling lonely and aloof
  • Are you too much worried about something
  • Seeking negative ways of dealing with your present states like drug abuse, smoking, and drinking
  • Are you facing trouble due to a lack of focus

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The above questions are mostly the EMOTIONAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL, and PSYCHOLOGICAL symptoms STRESS.Now let’s elaborate on STRESS. As we have already discussed, STRESS is a response of our body to a STRESSOR. A STRESSOR is any situation, event, or just anything that causes STRESS.

negative factors for stress

STRESS CAN BE OF TWO TYPES, POSITIVE STRESS, AND NEGATIVE STRESS. Though this sounds a little strange, but it’s true.

POSITIVE STRESS brings in positive effects. For example,

  1. A student who is preparing for his exams, when feels STRESSED, studies responsibly for his examinations. And prepares well burning the midnight oil. But if he takes the STRESS in a NEGATIVE way, then the outcome will be different. He won’t be able to perform well in the examination.
  2. An executive has to prepare a presentation for the upcoming meeting. A POSITIVE STRESS will keep him on his toes, will he finishes his work on time and gives his best.
  3. A woman in labor is in her highest STRESS LEVELS. But that STRESS releases certain hormones that help her deal with the pain.

    So, eventually, POSITIVE STRESS keeps one going through tough phases.

    But NEGATIVE STRESS on the contrary pulls one down. It rather creates a lot of negative effects, unlike POSITIVE STRESS.

For example:

  1. If a student is under the influence of NEGATIVE STRESS, then, there are high chances of not being able to recall whatever he has studied for the examination. And all his efforts will go in vain!!
  2. A sportsperson is generally well prepared to handle STRESS while he is the playground. But if the sportsperson is under STRESSED negatively, then there are high chances that his performance will be hard hit.
  3. An executive who is under who seems to be STRESSED constantly, then his productivity and performance will be surely affected badly.

Foggy Mind Due to Stress

Generally, there can be one single major STRESSOR, or there can be many petty issues making it a big thing to deal with. So the mind gets cluttered with NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, and one feels confused. This confusion leads to HELPLESSNESS.

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mental stress create depression

Stress Factors/ Stressors

In general, there can be may STRESS FACTORS or say STRESSORS.

  1. Workplace stress
  2. School college stress
  3. Stress in relationships and within the house
  4. Loss of a loved one or a pet
  5. Breakup
  6. Underlying health issues
  7. Hormonal issues
  8. Bad weather
  9. Bad traffic jam
  10. Lack of time /short notice period for anyone
  11. Examinations and many more

These are some of the known causes of STRESS.

Steps to deal with stress

STRESS hampers with our thinking ability. We tend to forget to look at the things/situations the other way. A STRESSED person will always make the wrong choices and decisions. STRESS is a response of our body to any STRESSOR. It is a part of the FIGHT – FLIGHT response of our body. This condition needs to be intervened medically and through therapy. But apart from this one needs to make a few lifestyle changes to deal with STRESS.

save yourself from stress

Accept the way, life has come

Life throws googly at us and we have to play our game that way. Mostly many situations occur unexpectedly an unplanned. Instead of cribbing about the situation, accept it, and try to find positive ways to deal with it.

Talk to your family

Take the support of the family and your loved ones. This is very important. Your family is nonjudgmental towards you. They will empathize with you and will accept you for what you are. If not at least they will give you suitable advice to get over STRESS.

Take up a hobby

Take up a hobby. Learning new things shifts the focus from the problem to the new things around. Taking up a hobby and trying to refine oneself in that hobby, gives a sense of achievement. This generates POSITIVITY in a person.

Take up sports and yoga

Any physical activity releases certain hormones that help to deal with STRESS. Join a club to learn the sport of your choice – be it any sport. This will bring a change in the attitude towards life. Yoga calms down one’s mind and helps in healing internally. If possible, learn yoga under the guidance of a guru.

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Look at the other side of the coin

Some situations give us a lot of learning in life!! Hence, look at the other side of the coin. That is a look from the other point of view. This will help one understand what the actual problem is.

Make a list of STRESSORS

Sometimes, our mind is boggled with too many issues that drive us crazy. We tend to get confused, not knowing as to what to do. We are sometimes, not in a position to understand as to what is the major problem that is causing STRESS. Hence, make a list of all your STRESSORS. Then mark them as per the priority and severity then deal with. This gives a fair idea of what is troubling us.

Live in the present

Cribbing about the past and worrying too much about the future will ruin the present. Hence, be in the present situation. Generally, the formula goes like, Learn from your past- apply it in the present- be prepared for future


Getting professional help makes one heal faster and the STRESS can be handled very well. Professionals help you to understand the problem in a better and in a different way and they are nonjudgmental too. They can also prescribe medicines.

Talking to ONLINE COUNSELORS also gives the same relief from STRESS. ONLINE COUNSELORS are trained MENTAL HEALTH EXPERTS, who help one to deal with the PSYCHOLOGICAL woes. It makes it rather easy to talk to ONLINE COUNSELORS as it is a virtual session. Hence the fear of facing and speaking to someone one unknown is taken off.

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