advantages of online counselling and therapy

Advantages of Online Counselling and Therapy

In the last 10 years or so, the popularity of online counselling has increased considerably. One of the reasons is that most people with a mental health issue find it more comfortable to speak to a therapist online rather than talking to a therapist face-to-face.

In order to know its advantages, let us first understand what online counselling and therapy is. Well, online counselling is a kind of counselling service that is conducted over the internet. Anyone who has access to the internet can speak to a certified psychotherapist via chat or email. They can also talk over the phone or video call if necessary.

Online counselling and therapy on Phone Call

Now that you know what online counselling means, let us discuss the advantages of online counselling and therapy.


Compared to the traditional form of therapy, online counselling and therapy is more convenient and comfortable. People can get online therapy from the comfort of their home. They can also schedule an online counselling session at a time that’s convenient for them.

Online counselling and therapy also demolishes the factor of travel. So, you don’t need to spend a lot of time going to and from the therapist’s clinic. You can simply connect with an online therapist over the internet and begin your therapy session. This is very useful for people living in cities that get a lot of traffic jams.

More Approachable

No matter how far society has progressed, there’s still a certain amount of stigma attached to people with mental health issues. For this reason, people who need therapy or counselling prefer to seek therapy from an online counsellor. This enables them to maintain a certain level of discretion.

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Online counselling and therapy is also quite convenient for people who are shy and don’t feel comfortable talking to people in-person. Also, talking about one’s problems online is more favourable than talking to a therapist face-to-face.

Easy Access for Everyone

One of the biggest pros of online counseling is that anyone with an internet connection can access it. Which means that a person living in a rural or remote place doesn’t need to travel a long way to get therapy or counselling. He or she can simply get help for mental health issues online.

Online counselling sessions are also very useful to people with mobility problems. If a person is paralysed or has limited ability for movement, and needs help in sorting out their mental health issues, then for that person, online counselling is a great option.


One of the benefits of online therapy is that it is more affordable than in-person therapy. However, it’s effectiveness is the same. So, if you want to seek therapy and are worried about the cost, then you can opt for online therapy.

Online counselling Communication Methods

A reason why online therapy is more affordable is because online therapists have fewer overhead costs such as rent and utilities. It allows certified therapists to provide top-quality therapy at lower-prices.

Various Communication Methods

In the traditional in-person therapy, there is only one form of communication between the therapist and the person seeking therapy. That is, face-to-face talks. While in online counselling and therapy, there are various forms of communication like chat, emails, video call and phone conversations.

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Online Counselling for Mental Health Problem

Hence, people get various options when it comes to methods through which they can talk about and sort out their mental health issues. This is also quite convenient for people who have trouble discussing their problems with others.

Online Counselling with OnlineCounselling4U

Now that you’ve learnt about the advantages of online counselling and therapy, you have more options for taking care of your mental health. Contact OnlineCounselling4U today and chat with a certified counselor to find solutions for your mental health issues.

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