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How to Heal From Toxic Relationship Pain Through Counseling

Being in a relationship is a beautiful thing. You have this person who cares about you and is always there to help you out. Your partner is someone who you can count on. He or she should also be someone who loves you unconditionally. But sometimes, that is not what you get. By some twist of fate, you may end up with a person who causes you more pain than happiness.

How to heal from toxic relationship pain

When this happens, you begin to question the relationship. You may even begin to doubt your own sanity. If your partner makes you cry way more than he or she makes you smile, is the relationship even worth it? Out of despair, you break up with your partner. But you’re still in pain and are not sure how to get over it. Do not worry. Online counselling can help you with the healing process.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

First, let us understand what a toxic relationship is. Did your relationship have any of the following signs?

Signs of a Toxic Relationship
  • Jealousy – A little jealousy may exist in all relationships. It is not always harmful. But, did your partner get jealous to the point where you two ended up having fights? If yes, then your relationship was toxic.
  • Lack of support – A partner should be the wind beneath your wings. Someone who always supports your dreams and helps you achieve your goals. Not someone who stops you from doing the things you love.
  • Dishonesty – In a relationship, honesty is an important factor. Did your partner lie to you about his or her whereabouts. Or made up excuses so that he or she didn’t have to meet you? That’s toxic behaviour.
  • Disrespect – No relationship can exist without mutual respect. If your partner didn’t respect you, then it was a toxic relationship for sure.
  • Resentment – Holding on to grudges is toxic. Bringing up every little mistake you ever made, every time you have a disagreement is not just annoying but also highly toxic behaviour. Resentment can be a big sign that your relationship with your partner is toxic.
  • Controlling behaviour – Telling you what you should wear and what you should not wear. Dictating where you can go and cannot go. Asking for your location constantly. Telling you not to speak to certain persons etc. These are all a part of controlling behaviour. These are also giant red flags in a relationship.
  • Toxic communication – The way your partner communicates with you matters. There should be respect and honesty in conversations that you have with your partner. Criticism, hostility and sarcasm while communicating with a partner is not acceptable.
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How can counselling help you overcome toxic relationship pain?

Now that you’ve broken up with your partner, you’re still unhappy. You thought that the pain would go away with time, but it hasn’t. The memories of your relationship are haunting you. And you feel like there’s a dark cloud looming over your head. Well, there’s still hope.

Counseling can help you to a great extent. You don’t need to keep suffering from the experience of your past trauma. With enough online counselling, you can move forward in your life.

How to fix relationship problems

Counseling is quite useful when it comes to dealing with toxic relationship pain. Certified online therapists can provide you ways through which you can heal yourself. They also give you emotional support in a way that only a trained mental health professional can.

When a person comes out of a toxic relationship, due to all the emotional trauma, that person ends up having a lot of mental health issues. Talking to a loved one might help in some cases. But not everyone knows how to handle a broken heart. So, when you’re trying to get over a toxic relationship, it is best to talk to a certified online counsellor.

How can OnlineCounselling4U help?

If you’re trying to overcome toxic relationship pain, then you can contact OnlineCounselling4U. Our certified therapists will help you work through your emotions. Our online counselors will assist you in healing yourself from toxic relationship pain. With time and proper toxic relationship counseling, you’ll learn to smile again.

how can onlinecounselling4u help

Online counselling is often more convenient for people with toxic relationship pain as they find it more comfortable to talk to someone over the phone, chat or email rather than face-to-face. You can speak to our counsellors anonymously from any part of the world.

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