Things To Know Before Online Dating

10 Things To Know Before Online Dating

Being humans , we all love to be loved. Love is an integral part of every relationship in our lives. But in Today’s social scenario the definition of love has changed drastically – now it is called Online Dating. The once a “lifetime commitment” has become a fun thing for the younger lot. Once an emotional element has become more physical or say a superficial thing. “Love with no strings attached” is the new Love Mantra. Love is not in the air nowadays it is available ONLINE. Online Dating is the latest Love trend.

With the mushrooming Online Dating apps catering to the love needs of youngsters, the risk of falling prey to fraudsters is increasing. Online dating apps act as a catalyst in “match-making”. Boys and girls meet each other virtually and start online dating. But this sort of dating comes with its own set of risks.

As per research, there is a steep rise in depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness, and other mental health issues which is an outcome of Online Dating. Hence one should be mindful before committing to any one on Online Dating apps.

Online dating tips from women who met their partners

Risk Factors Of Online Dating Apps

Dating apps can be fun but at the same time “love” cannot be fun. It’s a serious commitment for a lifetime. Dating apps can be risky when not handle mindfully.

  • Stalking in person or cyberstalking
  • Multiple relationships leading to uncertainty
  • Infidelity
  • Heartbreak and depression
  • Breakup
  • Emotional insecurity
  • Relationship stress
  • Risk of being fished
  • Distraction
  • Low productivity
  • Unprecedented dangers
  • Hub for crimes
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Risk Factors Of Online Dating Apps

Safety Tips For Dating Online

Love is in the air with Dating apps. In this virtual work where love is being served as a commodity one has to look for safety tips to stay away from any unforeseen mishappenings.

  • Check the reliability of the dating site thoroughly you are using. Use a trustworthy site
  • Do not link your profile with other social media sites
  • Do not share personal photographs
  • Do not connect with suspicious profiles
  • Block and report suspicious profiles
  • Do not entertain people who ask for financial assistance
  • Do not share any personal details and information
  • Do thorough research from your end about the person before dating
  • Do not share passwords or any such confidential information
  • Do not share bank details and any financial details
  • Talk, chat, and have video calls several times before meeting in person using various apps and do not use your own phone to make calls to the person
  • Do not share address and phone number
  • Meet at public places. Avoid meeting in secluded areas or at any private places
  • Take your vehicle or take any public transport as you plan to meet the person
  • Share your details like, whom you are meeting, when, where, and other things with someone who is trustworthy and can be reached out in times of emergency
  • Carry pepper spray for self-defense
  • Avoid drinks on your first date
  • Avoid wearing revealing clothes
  • Be upfront and resist if the person becomes too touchy and tries to take unnecessary advantage
  • Move to a safe place if you sense any danger
  • In case of emergency call the police or reach out to nearby people and family members
  • Trust your instincts if you feel uncomfortable or you sense something suspicious
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Safety Tips For Dating Online

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved.” – Geroge Sand

Trust makes the foundation of any relationship. And this is put at heavy risk in the Online Dating apps. It’s very easy for youngsters to fall prey to the wrong people. This leads to loneliness and other mental health issues. Hence being mindful while using these online dating apps is imperative. People fake themselves on such platforms.

Things to consider before online dating for the first time

Hence checking their profiles on other social media profiles and other platforms is imperative. These apps are addictive too just like other social media apps, as people look for sweet nothings. Relationships can not be formed online I.e. virtually. It’s a fact and one has to live with the person in a committed relationship in all flesh and blood. Hence this type of online dating apps can be misleading. At last, the it’s you who has to make a conscious decision as to where to invest your emotions.

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