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5 Ways to Bounce Back from Love Failure, Breakup & Rejection

Romantic breakups are the most common, yet somehow can be the most traumatic events in our life. It can be real hard sometimes to bounce back from love, failure, breakup or rejection. For romantic relationships bring out the most intense emotions and override logic and explanations.

Breakup counselling becomes crucial as sometimes it is hard to know our deep rooted past relationships. And, this is what makes it hard for people to face the truth such as they cannot be together as before and could be a tough one for the ego. This could not only rupture one’s ego but also esteem. Hence, self care is crucial after a breakup.

Break Counselling for love, failure, breakup or rejection

Even though it takes time and effort after the breakup to build up your self esteem, face the rejection and heal properly, but it does happen. With the help of a breakup counsellor, you can fast forward that time frame. Always know that there is someone who can help you go through the tough times, you are not alone.

Before you seek online counselling, you can follow these 5 steps to help you overcome breakup, rejection, any failure or love loss:

1. Take time for yourself

Take some time out, go on a holiday if you like. Do not hold back any emotion – yell, scream or sob if you have to! But just let it all out. Give time to your self. Take time off work.

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2. Listen to music

It might sound strange but listening to music, especially sad music will help you reinforce pain and then, eventually normalise it.

Music for Stress free life

3. Talk to friends

We say, talk to your friends who support you. Or, someone who you know will not judge you, may be a breakup counsellor who can guide you what you might be going through. Sometimes these love counselling sessions can also provide a perspective on your patterns of behaviour that will help you have healthy future relationships.

4. Sleep, Eat & Exercise

Make sure you are sleeping and eating well. Keep your schedule such so that you get extra of the two. It may be hard at first, but sleeping will definitely speed up the healing process.

5. Meet new people.

It is ok to meet new people and test the waters. It could be a little risky but the quickest way to restore yourself.

In the end, if you think you need breakup counselling, just reach out. It is completely normal to seek help in times of failure and rejection. In today’s times, there is help available online where you don’t have to step outside of your comfort zone. You can talk to online counsellor experts from the comforts of your home, fix an appointment – have a chat, talk to them over the phone or email and get help.

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All you need to know is that there is help available if you reach out. These are few steps you can do to ease out your pain and seek help if you feel you don’t feel in control of your emotions.

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