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“Intimacy is a different dimension. It is allowing the other to come into you, to see you as you see yourself.”Osho

Sexual issues are common among both genders but are often without being noticed or acknowledged unless they affect their sexual life significantly. According to studies, 43 percent of ladies and 30 percent of males have faced some form of sexual problems in their marriage, or in their sexually active times. Rahul and Priya were experiencing difficult times in their relationship. They have been married for 15 years. Rahul was suffering from some health problems. The issue caused him to perform poorly. The couple was unable to reach an emotional climax.

They were unable to articulate the needs of each other and this anger boiled out within their bedrooms. Another couple had just gotten married, but their level of intimacy also fell to the lowest point. This is due to the difference in the “Yin and Yan” thing. Both were looking for assistance, but they were not prepared to share their thoughts as they were both embarrassed.

Ankit was an unassuming young man of 29 years. old. He was planning to get married in the next six months, but he was experiencing sexual issues that could negatively affect his marriage. He was determined to talk about the issue and receive treatment, but fear of stigmatizing socially prevented him from. Furthermore, since it’s an issue that is taboo, no one would like to talk about their sexual problems.

Upset couple ignoring each other due to sex-problem

Discussion of Sex and Sexual concerns is a difficult subject of discussion for many. They would rather suffer than talk about it. Therefore, the majority of times, sexual problems are swept under the rug, and couples get irritated by their bad relationship. Many young women and men who struggled with identity issues about their sexuality, and males who struggle with issues related to their sexuality are unable to talk about the issue with families, partners, and even their health care providers. However, speaking with Sexologists or a Counselor can be extremely helpful.

What is Sex Counselling? Sex Therapy?

According to ISSM, International Society For Sexual Medicine,

“Sex Therapy is a method of counselling that is designed to assist couples and individuals resolve their issues with sexuality, like relationships, anxiety, or performance issues.”

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Who is a sex therapist and what is Sex Therapy?

A Sex Counselor or Sex Therapist is someone who has a postgraduate diploma in Psychology and has a specialization in Sex counselling and Sex Therapy. These individuals generally work under the guidance of Sexologists and conduct counselling for a variety of Sexual Issues that disrupt the lives of couples and individuals. They have a deep understanding of Sex and issues related to it they can analyze the problem and offer counselling to help with the issue.

  • They address Psychosomatic issues. Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Stress issues that influence sexual relationships negatively.
  • They also offer proper sexual education for newlyweds, couples, or couples that are to be.
  • They address issues such as Sexual Orientation, where the person is unclear about one’s sexuality, based on the presence of male hormones and hormones that are female abundantly.
  • They assist the couple to comprehend what each person needs and what’s hindering them from enjoying the joys of married life.

When Should I See a Sexual Therapist?

Being able to fulfill your sexual desires is a key element to establishing a physical and emotional connection between partners. It is crucial for overall health and the well-being of the relationship, too. A sexologist generally suggests people or couples see an experienced Sex Therapist seek counselling and get over their sexual Issues.

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Online couple counselling for sexual problems

There are many types of sexual dysfunction that individuals or couples may confront all over the world. 41 percent of females and 30 percent of males suffer from Sexual Dysfunction at one period of the course of. It is necessary to see a Sex Therapist when a person or couple experience one of the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido or low sexual drive
  • Extremely high level of libido
  • Early Ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Women are more susceptible to frigidity or coldness.
  • It is impossible to reach the climax
  • Rejection during sex
  • Mood disorders during sex
  • Uncontrollable sexual behavior
  • Sexual addiction
  • Sexually traumatic thoughts and fantasies that make you feel ill
  • STDs (sexually transmitted disease)
  • LGBTQ issues etc.

“Sex is among God’s most powerful creations God has ever made. It was made to bring men and women closer in the form of a physical, emotional and spiritual connection that could bring pleasure, intimacy, as well as procreation.” — Dave Ashley Willis and Ashley Willis

What should you expect from Sex Therapy and the Sex Therapist?

Sex Therapists is a professional who is knowledgeable in the field of science and art of sex as well as sex-related issues. The Therapist helps the client or the couple speak up about their concerns by making them feel comfortable. The Sex Counselor during therapy sessions will assist them in discussing their issues, either jointly or individually, evaluating their health, and after that, they will devise an exercise plan to address their situation.

The Sex Therapist could suggest a variety of activities to aid them in overcoming their problems and help the growth of harmony and love within them. A person who is going through sexual problems of various kinds will recommend CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) along with other techniques and solutions to overcome their difficulties. LGBTQ people who are victimized socially need help to overcome their struggles and get help to overcome their issues.

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The most harrowing part is that although India is a nation that once had a culture of sex in the form of sculptures, where temples portray a variety of postures as well as some of the aspects of Kamasutra but the people aren’t ready to discuss their sexual fantasies and sexual issues.

Finding assistance from outside is nearly impossible because people are scared that they will be a victim of jokes or the stigma that is attached to sexual issues. If you’re someone like this, Sex Therapy is essential. Because many people don’t want to talk to someone in person due to a variety of reasons, hence, seeking out an online Sexual Therapist is an excellent idea.

What exactly is Online Sex Therapy and How it operates?

“Men, as well as women, view sexual relations differently. The men make love for the sake of feeling loved. Women should feel loved to be able to love.” Sheila Wray Gregoire

Online therapy is performed by a therapist who’s proficient in this field and can carry out online counselling sessions using video calls, audio call, or chat modes. This is as beneficial as meeting with the counselor in person.

Since many people are unable to discuss their concerns in person, often E-counselling or Online Counselling can create the job you’re looking for. The online Sex Therapist will talk to the couple or individual through the preferred methods of communication, and provide counselling as well as Se Therapy depending upon their situation, thereby bringing back the passion that has been lost in their relationship.

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