CORONA VIRUS Outbreak Lockdown

What after 21 days of Covid-19 Lockdown

“Oh God, when this LOCKDOWN will be over!! When will our lives come back to normal!!” Is this what your Spouse is saying? “Oh mommy, we are getting bored by sitting at home all the time!! Please allow us to go out and play!!” Are your kids screaming out aloud this way? Then surely, your family is going through the tough phase of CORONA LOCKDOWN FRUSTRATION!!!


Shops closed, deserted roads, many business houses, and factories, many offices locked out for the 21 days. Many workers are jobless and facing the wrath of the LOCKDOWN Brutally!! We all are eagerly awaiting the end of this CORONA LOCKDOWN period. APRIL 14 the last day of the LOCKDOWN and we all will be free birds…. Ready to get back to normal life!! Now, this is what is going on in everyone’s mind.

But have you ever given it a thought, what will be the scene on the 22nd day?? That is the day after the LOCKDOWN is over? People will flood the roads, shopping malls, multiplexes and will throng to all those places which they have missed visiting the past 21 days, during the LOCKDOWN period.

People will start socializing, shaking hands, exchanging hugs with buddies, and will start moving in groups, dusting off all the past protocols. Many people who form a major part of the unorganised sector of employment i.e. workers, laborers, daily wage workers, etc. will start coming to their places of work and will move towards the cities in scores.

There will be a large mobility of masses all of a sudden. Trains, buses, roads everything will be jam packed as people would rush to make their earnings and save their jobs after the lockdown period.

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People are expecting that everything will be back to normal on the 22nd day. We are expecting all the modes of transportation running on their respective tracks carrying loads of people and other things.

Coronavirus Act Responsibly

But are we ready to get back to normal life soon after the lockdown period??


Only the lockdown period is over…but we are yet to get over the CORONA VIRUS!!

Hence we still have to behave with all our senses put into our heads, and still have to follow all the PROTOCOLS that WHO has stated. We are still in the second stage of COVID 19 and the number of POSITIVE CASES is still in an increasing trend with mortality rates adding to the graph. Though we are yet to touch the third stage of COMMUNITY OUTBREAK scenario, we are just a few weeks behind the countries that are topping the hit list of CORONA VIRUS.

The latest news about the gathering of a particular set of people for their community prayers in thousands has added momentum to the spreading of COVID 19. Now, this has raised a question mark on all the efforts put to date to flatten the CORONA CURVE!!

people wearing medical mask

The do’s and don’t’s after the 21 days Lockdown period

Even after the lockdown period is over, do not rush on the roads and try to grab a big bite of life all at once.

  1. Still consider that you are in the LOCKDOWN period and follow all the protocols of WHO about personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  2. Do not move in groups. Still follow social distancing.
  3. Avoid going outside unnecessarily. Always wear a mask while going out.
  4. Continue washing your hands with soap/ sanitizers very frequently.
  5. Do not go out to public places, like shops, malls, restaurants. Avoid going to crowded places as there are still chances of acquiring CORONA VIRUS infection.
  6. Avoid dining out, and avoid outside food. The VIRUS can breakthrough into your body from anywhere.
  7. Avoid traveling unnecessarily. Use your vehicles instead of hiring a cab or taking any public means of commutation.
  8. Isolate yourself if you experience any of the CORONA SYMPTOMS. Even if you are going through a common cough and cold, still wearing a mask and isolating yourself will help further spreading the infection.
  9. Continue to work from home for some more time as commuting to the office or socializing in office will again add fuel to the CORONA VIRUS INFECTION.
  10. Opt for online learning sessions be it academics or any other skill development and hobby classes for your children.
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There is an increased rate of stress, anxiety and depression cases and other mental health issues during this LOCKDOWN PERIOD. The number of domestic violence and other abuses is also in an increase during this time due to the non availability of the intoxicating things to which some are addicted to. People with other health issues, OCD are having a tough time. Those who have a younger lot of kids and elderly people at home, those who have a compromised immune system are all going through a lot of stress as they find themselves helpless.

For those who have been in ISOLATION or in QUARANTINE homes, stress levels are at it’s peak and they find it difficult to adjust to their routine life. Many find it difficult to strike a balance between work and family life during this WORK FROM HOME period. This too acts as a stressor.

A talk with a Counselor helps one deal with such things and manage the issues. But since the Counselors are also closed during this phase, connecting with an ONLINE COUNSELOR would be a great idea.

An ONLINE COUNSELOR is a mental health professional with whom one can share one’ deepest fears without any hesitation. They help one deal with one’s ordeal by offering Professional Advice, Steps and Strategies.

people stay at home after coronavirus lockdown

This nationwide LOCKDOWN brought an all-time low in the productivity levels of the masses. The economy of the country as a whole is affected adversely. The FRONTLINE FIGHTERS, doctors, nurses and other health professionals are doing their best and serving the ailing people putting their lives at risk. The army and the police are putting their best efforts so that we stay inside and the CORONA VIRUS is put at bay.

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The business houses are suffering huge losses, there is a major jerk to the economy. The people who are the worst affected are the ones who fall under the BPL line (below poverty live). This LOCKDOWN is testing their levels of patience and it’s an everyday battle for them.

But still, we have a very long battle to fight further and to win over, so that we call can breathe our freedom once again!!

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