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Marriage is one of the most beautiful stages of life that you can share with your better half. Marriage is the act of making two people’s relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two people in a bond that lasts until death.

Marriage not only alters people’s living situations and daily routines; becoming someone’s spouse also appears to alter one’s personality, particularly in the early years of marriage.

Why Is It Difficult To Survive The First Year Of Marriage

There are some ups and downs that come with newlywed bliss. In fact, it’s quite normal to experience difficulties during the first few years of marriage, so don’t be alarmed. By understanding some of the transitions that you and your partner may go through in early marriage, you and your partner can work together to lay a solid foundation for years to come. There are also professionals who can assist you with marriage counselling.

Many marriages have been saved as a result of these online counselling sessions. Couples are helped by psychologists to understand the root cause of their problems and how to deal with it.

To Understand The Issue We Have The List Of Problems That A Couple Faces In The First Year Of Marriage:

  1. Adjustment And Communication Issues – The newly married and miserable challenge often arises from poor communication between couples. Even if you’ve known your partner a long time, you may discover things about them that you may not necessarily like. If you find yourself constantly annoyed by little things, set aside some time for you to spend by yourself or with friends so that you aren’t exposed to these things as frequently. As time goes on, you will readjust to your partner’s natural quirkiness and you will have found a good balance of time for you to spend by yourself and with your partner.
  2. Intimacy – It’s difficult to manage busy schedules as a married couple, especially when you also want to make time for yourself. One common issue that arises as you settle into married life is a lack of intimacy. Now that you’re a husband and wife, your priorities have shifted, and intimacy is gradually falling further and further down the list. It is critical that we address this issue and find a solution together. You can choose a day when you are both available to spend time together or have a date night.
  3. The Household Roles – All daily tasks, chores, errands, and cleaning are intended to be shared by the two of you. When only one partner is responsible for household chores, things can get pretty intense. Many marriages are shattered when one person does everything while the other watches television. It is critical to have shared expectations. Thank your partner for handling and managing all household chores on their own. Divide your responsibilities so that no one feels overburdened.
  4. Hiding Debts From Each Other – You’ll almost certainly talk about money at some point. Once you’ve married, your debt no longer belongs solely to you, but also to your partner. Not only do they have a right to know, but a major surprise later on may cause him or her to distrust you. Every couple should be loyal to one another when it comes to loans and credit card bills because these will affect the couple’s financial future together.

How To Make Sure That You Celebrate Each Day Of Your Marriage

  1. Know Each Other’s Expectations : Most marriages fail when your spouse’s expectations are too high or when they are not communicated clearly. As a result, to avoid conflicts, share your expectations with them and make sure you understand theirs.
  2. Respect And Be Responsible : Respect one another as well as your extended families. Even if you disagree with someone, express it politely and respectfully. Take full responsibility for your actions.
  3. Communication Is The Key : Chat, talk, and express yourself. Share your feelings openly. We cannot stress enough on the importance of communication. Marriage is a relationship where the partners must be able to talk about anything to everything with each other. There are no barriers or limitations. Talking is the best exercise to improve a marriage.
  4. Give Space To Each Other : It’s important to spend a lot of time together, but it’s also important to know when to leave your partner alone or give them the space they need. Your spouse may need some alone time to think about things, relax, or spend time with friends. Allow them to have what they desire.

How Online Counselling Gives You The Best Marriage Advices

OnlineCounselling4U offers the best counseling services in India. Here one can hire the services of a trained and experienced counselors and mental health experts at a very reasonable price. From relationship counselling to marriage counselling the counsellors does a splendid job in the field of online counseling. the therapist provide the best counseling services through chat, phone call, video call, e-mail while you sit in the comforts of your house.

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Is It Normal To Fight A Lot In The First Year Of Marriage?

It is normal to fight in the initial days as there are a lot of changes happening in your life. It is also important to address these fights, you should sit and communicate with your partner to resolve the fights.

How Do You Manage Your First Year Of Marriage?

Talk about everything that you will be doing together. From doing household chores to your pregnancy expectation. Give respect and time to each other. These small actions will help you in the long run.

Does Couple Counseling Really Work?

Couples therapy has been proven to be effective. The first session might not feel very comfortable but as you start to apply the counselling in your marriage. Things become clearer and your marriage comes back to the right path.

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