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How Do I Make My Coworker Stop Flirting With Me?

Even if you’ve clearly expressed your intentions, is a man still chasing you? It can be a good friend, coworker, neighbor stalking and watching you.

But sometimes, dealing with someone who cannot accept your rejection can be a big problem.

If you don’t like this person and you don’t see any chance of you dating him, the first thing you should do is stop the flirting game, if you’re allowing him to flirting with you. Remember, the longer you put up with your flirtation, or the longer you wait before telling you, the more difficult it will be for you to back down. He is likely to think that you are just working hard to get it, because you have not instructed him until now.

Sometimes unwanted flirting at workplace becomes so irritating that it starts affecting your mental health and stops you from giving your best at your office. If you have been one of those individuals you are dealing with similar issues then without wasting any time you should get in touch with a relationship counsellor. A professional will help you by suggesting the right steps to stop the flirting that is bothering you and your mental health.

Best way to stop flirting in work place

We have a list that will not only help you in identifying flirting signs but steps on how those signs can be stopped.

What Are The Signs Of Flirting?

Long-Term Eye Contact

Most people make eye contact when talking. Therefore, it is not a good idea to assume that everyone with whom you make eye contact is sending a romantic message. However, when a person maintains eye contact for a few seconds longer than when it seems natural in a particular conversation, they are likely to be flirting with you. Extending eye contact for a short period of time longer than expected can add intimacy to accidental encounters and can definitely be one of the signs of flirting.

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Touch Response

If you walk away when someone accidentally touches you, it means you don’t welcome flirting. If you don’t reply at all, you are sending a message indicating that you are not uncomfortable with other people’s behavior. If you respond in kind by initiating casual contact yourself, your behavior will let the other person know that you know and fit your potential interests, and they may be interested in getting to know you better. The reflected body image such as imitating what the other person is doing, such as crossing your legs, placing your hands on your chin, etc. also shows interest and shows that they are in sync with each other.

Woman sitting table looking her boss while being physically or sexually harassed

An Open Smile

A polite smile is very different from a truly open smile. When a person’s smile reaches the eyes and the entire face seems to be glowing, this is an expression of sincere feelings. This can be a friendly smile, but it can also express romantic interest. When it comes to assessing whether a smile means flirting, the first thing to look for is the person’s eyes. A polite smile does not usually reach the eyes. If you notice the light shining in this person’s eyes, pay attention to other flirting behaviors that combine with a smile to help you figure out if it’s not just friendship that might inspire the light in this person’s eyes.

How To Stop Your Coworker From Flirting With You?

How To Stop Your Coworker From Flirting With You?

Deflect the attention: As mentioned above, it can be difficult to know the true intentions of the person, especially when the flirting is still in its early stages. However, if these developments make you feel a little uncomfortable, try to divert their attention. The best way to do this is to mention your partner in the conversation, whether you have one or not. Leave as many clues as possible to try to get the information through. If the person does this consistently, he will most likely end up receiving the message. If not, try asking about their family situation or their partner.

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Deny Opportunities: If you still make progress after ignoring them, try to minimize the chances of flirting. For this reason, you may want to reduce the time spent alone with your coworker. If you are going to have a meeting with him, make sure the timing is right. Avoid meetings during lunch hours or outside office hours. Meetings can also be limited to offices instead of public or social places.

Sometimes it is difficult to know the best way to respond. Therefore, you need to develop an action plan in advance. This will prepare you for the next time this happens, and you will know how to react. For example, if your coworker makes inappropriate gestures or moves forward, better to turn it into a professional subject blankly.

When it comes to dressing, try to dress elegantly and conservatively. This will help you emphasize your professional status and send the correct information to the coworker. At this point, you don’t want to send them mixed signals that might suggest other situations.

Manager negativity towards female coworker behavior

Say It Clearly: The balanced relationship here is the relationship between you and your coworker, which means you have to be very careful. Sometimes this can be tricky because you want to be gentle with them so as not to damage the relationship, which is very important. If leaving a clue doesn’t seem to work, try spelling it in other ways.

You need to express your dissatisfaction with this situation rather than directly condemning your actions. Relax and say something similar: “Let’s try to keep this professional. I have established a rule that I never confuse business with entertainment.” After that, return your conversation directly to the company and focus on your current one. Ask them for professional advice on any project.

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Report A Problem: When flirting becomes difficult to handle, you may consider filing a complaint. Remember, you will be dealing with your coworker, he has a lot of influence, so fighting him may take more than words. Keep a written record of all events that you think may have occurred, including time, date, place, and if possible witnesses, if any. You may also need a record of how you tried to stop the flirting. You can take help of a relationship counsellor who guides you to take the best steps to avoid flirting and will also tell you how and where you can report about your co-worker’s action.

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