Best Signs that you are healing

6 Signs that you are healing

People take counselling for various reasons like to resolve their issues, deal with their traumas and manage their negative emotions. But how to know if one is making progress in counselling and it is working? It is essential on the part of the client to track the progress and experience the benefits while taking counselling to motivate oneself to do it more. Healing can be sometimes painful, terrifying and an exhausting experience. Healing doesn’t mean that counselling is successful and should be ended. It is just considered a motivator for the client to see the benefits of counselling and continue it. Here are some ways that can help you to check whether counselling is being helpful for you or not.

Most common signs of healing

It is always nice to be appreciated for the hard work that is done in the counselling so here are some signs to look out for while getting counselling:

1. You have established your own boundaries

Most problems that come in life are because people don’t know how to say no. Saying no requires a lot of guts and sometimes leads to feeling of guilt. But it is necessary to follow the way our gut feelings show us and trust oneself. And this skill is taught in the counselling session to the clients very well. You are healing if you have slowly started to establish your own boundaries within which no one can interfere with your mental peace and personal life. You have become responsible for only your life and don’t project yourself on to others. You have overcome the phase of people-pleasing and more do things that are in the control or good for you.

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Established your own boundaries for healing

2. You are aware of your triggers

Clients are taught to work on themselves and develop mindfulness. Hence, clients start noticing, identifying, tracking and managing their triggers which have been caused due to painful and unhealthy memories. Sometimes, triggers occur again and again so clients start dealing with their negative and unprocessed past experiences and stop the triggers from occurring. Once you become aware of your triggers and manage them effectively, it can be said that a large progress has been made in the counselling journey. You are healing if you started to take care of yourself, do efforts for the both physical and mental health, and stay supportive and gentle with others. This can be a major sign that you are healing in the counselling session.

Aware of your triggers for healing

3. You ask for help whenever there is a need

Once the person who had so many restrictions, after counselling starts allowing more people to come into the emotional arena of life and interact with people to establish significant relationships in life. You are healing if you have started fulfilling your own needs and wants and of others also. You allow yourself now to cry and consider it a normal thing and even a strength which is important to have in life. You have deviated from being selfish and a scared person to a sociable and relaxed person. You have started understanding yourself and people around you better than ever and also learnt emotional regulation.

4. You are comfortable about sharing your feelings

You start trusting yourself and don’t feel afraid about sharing your feelings and opinions with other people are one of the big signs that you are healing. You choose the truth instead of pain causing lie that is just a temporary illusion. In counselling sessions, clients get desired responses like empathy, unconditional positive regard, assurance, support and positivity from the counselor after sharing all the feelings and thoughts. You start thinking that your feelings are worth it and the self-confidence increases. This will help you to feel good when have to share their feelings with someone.

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Comfortable about sharing your feelings for healing

5. You have become less sensitive to judgment

After getting counselling for a good amount of time, clients learn not to take things personally and feeling bad about it all the time. You are healing if you are learning new insights and skills in the session like they can’t control other people’s reactions so stop worrying about it or you are not responsible for everybody’s happiness. Various kinds of insights that you develop in the counselling session will help you to properly function in the social world and not blame yourself for everything. You will start grounding yourself to the level of goodness and love and always work hard to protect the mental peace even in the situation of chaos.

6. You no longer feel shame and guilty

One of the goals of counselling is to help clients work through their negative feelings of shame, guilt, fear and anger and using them in a healthy way. These negative feelings can arise from feelings of isolation, abusive relationships, compulsive behaviors and work holism. Counsellor helps the clients to become aware of the shame and talking about it in the session. After a period of time, you will start feeling free and relaxed because all the negativity has been let go by talking about it and gaining positive insights from the counselor. Body also releases all the tension and stress residing in the body that is a therapeutic experience for the person who is healing.

Healing help you to no longer feel shame and guilty

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