Things that make wives unhappy in marriage

5 Things that make Wives unhappy in Marriage

Every marriage faces issues at some point of time but it can be problematic if those issues arise negative feelings in the individual. But it is not true that it is impossible to solve them. Efforts, understanding and love are enough to keep a relationship away from drowning. In this article, we are going to discuss things that make Wives unhappy in Marriage.

What are things make wife unhappy in marriage

5 Things making Wives unhappy in their Marriage

In marriage, both husband and wife can become unhappy due to any reason but now we are going to understand from the wife’s perspective that what things makes them unhappy in marriage.

1. Husband is not supportive

As both the individuals in the marriage are from different homes and were given different upbringing, therefore adjustments are necessary. But sometimes, only the wife does all the adjustments and sacrifices which makes them unhappy in marriage. Like, husband doesn’t do much work related to the children’s upbringing and taking care of them.

If the husband doesn’t spend much time with children and doesn’t help her wife in sharing workload that can make wives distressed. Also, conflicts may happen between the wife and her in-laws, so, the husband should know how to manage such conflicts and ensure that peace is maintained but if not then the wife may feel unsupported by her own husband which can impact the bonding of their relationship.

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Unsupportive husband make Wives unhappy in Marriage

2. Wife is not getting proper attention

Attention is essential doesn’t matter how much busy lives get. It keeps the connection and bonding up to the mark and thus relationship thrives. Marriage is a commitment that means both the individuals will be with each other for their whole life and that takes efforts. And one of the most important and easy way to do that is to give attention to each other on the daily basis.

If husband is very busy is his work life and then after coming home he doesn’t spend quality time with his wife that leads the way to an unhappy marriage. When wives get ignored by their husband they may feel sad and depressed and this can even force them towards infidelity also. When there is no appreciation and affection for each other, marriage becomes difficult to be saved. But small gestures like saying, “You look beautiful today”, “You are such a great cook” or “I am so lucky to have you”, bringing flowers and buying gifts can really help to develop positive emotions and ensure a deep connection between the couple.

Not getting proper attention make Wives unhappy in Marriage

3. Husband is addicted to alcohol; smoking or drugs

Addiction to alcohol, smoking or drugs has major negative influence on a person’s finances, physical health and mental health. In the Institution of Marriage, both the individuals have to live together sharing their lives, so, if the husband develops an addiction then it will affect the wife’s life also. It can lead to loss of money, loss of job, arguments or conflicts at home, domestic violence and even accidents or death. So, to lead a successful and happy marriage, both have to be responsible and mature enough to make it easy for each other.

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Husband addicted to alcohol make Wives unhappy in Marriage

4. Husband is not responsible

After Marriage, couples living together have many duties and chores like handling laundry, buying groceries, taking care of children, food prep and many others to do on the daily bases which are exhausting while managing work life. So, to make married life a smooth journey, both the individuals should share the responsibilities and help each other out. But if all the work is laid on only the wife’s shoulders then it can cause major problems in the relationship. It will lead to fights, arguments and conflicts among the couple. Married life is not a solo journey but an equally divided journey between the two individuals who should work hard to make it worthwhile.

Husband not responsible make wives unhappy in marriage

5. Sex life is not good

A good sex life is very important for a long term healthy marriage. It takes energy, efforts and a lot of understanding to make sex life great. But sometimes, laziness, the same old boring sex and lack of communication can lead to a bad sex life which can make wives upset and marriage can go down. Sex can easily become boring and predictable over a period of time so both the individuals should keep trying exciting things that will keep the relationship new as always.

From the wife’s perspective, besides doing all the housework and handling kids, if the sex life is also bad then they really feel unhappy in that marriage. After having kids, it becomes difficult to maintain a good sex life so the wife needs a lot of support from the husband regarding household work and sex also. Sex life is associated with emotional connection that can only be possible with proper understanding and meaningful conversations between the couple. Life becomes very difficult when lack of communication is there in the relationship.

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Bad sex life make Wives unhappy in Marriage

Signs your wife might be unhappy

  • You are not having sex.
  • She spends time on phone more than with you.
  • She likes attention from others rather than you.
  • She gives hints about divorce or living separate in normal conversations.
  • Fun and excitement is totally absent.
  • She doesn’t share anything about her life with you anymore.
  • Every conversation becomes an argument or she doesn’t argue at all and just stays silent.
Signs your wife might be unhappy

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