Why married woman attracted to younger man

Reasons why a Married Woman may feel attracted to a Younger Man

In Marriage, things can turn out in any way depending on the dynamics of the couple. It is obvious to know that the couple who are in a relationship or even married to each other love each other and are attracted to one another but sometimes, it diminishes. Married Individuals after sometime may start shifting their attraction from their partner to another person who is not entitled to that attraction as per the societal norms.

It may happen that either a married woman gets attracted to a younger man or a married man gets attracted to a younger woman. In this article, we are going to discuss why a married woman may feel attracted to a younger man.

Wife extra marital affair with younger man

6 Reasons a Married Woman prefer being with a Younger Man

Age and looks are the first things that gets noticed when people are seen by others in both the cases be it either male or female. It is not at all rare that a woman doesn’t feel attracted to her husband anymore and paying attention on other men younger than her. Now, we will explore the reasons that why attraction is put on a younger man by a married woman.

1. Fun and excitement of a new relationship

Overtime in a marriage, it may feel like it’s getting boring because you already know the person in and out, you have already spent so many special moments with them and there is nothing new that has left in the marriage. So, to bring some fun in life, a woman may tend to incline towards the path of having a new relationship with a younger man. Through this, she can experience the excitement that a new relationship brings in life. She may also experience the new spark with a younger man which is lost in her marriage. It can serve as an opportunity for her to relive the young days and have an adrenaline rush during that time.

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Great fun and excitement of a new relationship

2. Attractive Physical Looks

The physique of a younger man is pleasing to look at from the perspective of an older woman. Also, young men really work on their body and stay fit by following good diets and doing workouts which is not so possible when they get older. So, there is a high chance that a woman will find a physically fit younger man attractive than a physically unfit older husband. The attractiveness of an older woman towards her older husband may decline as they age so being with a younger man may help with that. Simultaneously, for this same reason, older men date younger women because of their attractive physical looks.

Married woman attractive man physical looks

3. Current relationship is not going well

With time with increasing boredom in the relationship, the husband might not do special efforts to keep his wife happy. And this lack of love, care and affection might drive away the woman from her husband and have an extramarital affair with a younger man who can give the needful validation to her. Young people are more open, understanding and acceptable of other people’s emotions and views than older people who are rigid. So, an older married woman whose marriage is not going well and facing troubles with her husband might start looking for a young partner to fulfill her needs be it emotionally, mentally or physically. Getting treated right is the main goal of a woman preferring younger man over her husband.

Wife current relationship is not good with husband

4. No commitment

Dating a young man might be fascinating, exciting and adventurous for women because there are no strings attached in that relationship. In a marriage, she has to give commitment to her partner and do hard work and efforts to maintain that commitment. But being with a younger man with no commitment would be a liberating feeling for a woman who is committed in a marriage. Just talking and meeting with a person and then going back to their life gives a freedom that many committed people enjoy.

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5. To boost Self-esteem

Many women consider it a big achievement when they can be with a younger man and attract his attention towards them. And this boosts up their self-esteem which is exactly what they need as they are aging and have a husband with whom relationship is not going so good. They feel desired and valued by a man after a long period of time of getting ignored by their husband makes them happy.

To boost self-esteem

6. Good Sex Life

According to Researches, women have reported that they have dated younger men because they will get offered more sexually. As younger men have high sex drive, high stamina and want to try new things sexually so good sex life will be a guarantee. Many women feel that their sexual needs don’t get fulfilled with their husband who is old, weak and low in stamina. Many women also think that young men want to be with an experienced women and this gives them an opportunity to let their sexual assertiveness to get embraced by younger men.

Married woman attracted to younger man for good sex life

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