Consequences of staying in an unhappy marriage

Consequences of staying in an Unhappy Marriage

A time comes in a marriage, when a couple hits a rough patch when things aren’t good and if not managed well, it can be the reason for unhappy marriage. Eventually overtime, it can also lead to a divorce. It mostly happens when one individual considers himself/herself superior to another one and ignores each other/s feelings. Also, when the communication is hampered and becomes basically one-sided that can also be the reason of unhappy marriage.

In Unhappy Marriage, couples don’t feel love for each other due to problems or arguments and starts resenting each other. Even small things that are meant for discussions can turn into arguments very easily. Being in Unhappy Marriage often leads to loneliness, hopelessness and ignorance.

Signs that identifies you being in an Unhappy Marriage

If the signs are noticed early, they can help to pinpoint the problems and solve them to save the drowning marriage. Some signs of an unhappy marriage are :

  • Sexual relations are bad
  • You imagine living without each other and being happy
  • You don’t like expressing your feelings to each other
  • You are not each other’s priority
  • Lack of fun and excitement is there
  • Simple conversation turns into arguments
Best signs that identifies an unhappy marriage

Consequences of staying in an Unhappy Marriage

Marriage is a huge commitment so if it is going down, people still try to stay in it in order to save it from failing. Societal pressure, family pressure, not financially independent or domestic violence, all of this can force people to try their best to stay committed in the marriage. But they also face many consequences because of staying in an unhappy marriage.

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1. Damaged Mental Health

Unhappy and Unhealthy Marriage is directly linked with Bad Mental Health. Individuals in Unhappy Marriage are more likely to develop Mental Health Issues like Stress, Depression and Anxiety than those on Happy and Stable Marriage. They shut down themselves as love vanishes and they start getting anxious whenever there is an argument.

When there is no commitment and affection received from the partner, anxiety is likely to boost and cause damage to both body and brain. When problems last for a long time in an unhappy marriage, it can also lead to stress and depression.

Damaged mental health in unhappy marriage

2. Physical health goes down

Health of your marriage determines the health of your body. Adults also need love, care and affection like kids and when they don’t receive it, it can cause physical pain and damage in the body.

Unhappy marriage has a negative impact on cardiovascular health. Stress and strain which arises in unhealthy marriage directly impacts the heart and kidney. It causes problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and many others.

Research shows that People in Unhappy Marriages are more likely to get sick often than those in Happy Marriages because of the weak immune system. It happens due to stress and anxiety that is going on for a long period of time.

Physical health effected in unhappy marriage

3. Trauma for kids

How parents interact with each other and what kind of a relationship that they have, it determines the personality of the child. So, if the marriage of parents is hampered, then, it serves as a trauma and a bad childhood for the kid. That kid will only see conflicts, arguments and anger and eventually include all of that in his/her communication pattern and personality style.

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Kids often face following problems:

  • Poor academic performance
  • Poor Interpersonal Skills
  • Behavioural problems
  • Failed relationships
  • Damaged parent-child bond
  • Decreased Self-worth
  • Aggressive Behaviour
  • Prone to Self Sabotage
Kids trauma due to unhappy marriage

4. Personal life gets hampered

In an Unhappy Marriage, individuals often experience loneliness and feel unloved. You lose touch with yourself because you feel dejected by the person you loved and were once committed fully. You stay with an emotionally unavailable partner and thus become emotionally unavailable yourself also. All this interferes with the other aspects of the life like career, family and friend circle. It can lead to many problems like low self-worth, identity issues, aggressive personality style and poor sense of self. You constantly engage in criticising yourself for every single problem in the marriage.

Personal life gets hampered in unhappy marriage

5. Negative thinking or Overthinking

Thinking patterns of individuals in Unhappy Marriage changes overtime from negative to positive. They always worry or feel scared about where the relationship is going. Overthinking can occur because people don’t share anything with each other and keep everything within themselves.

They are likely to experience significant emotional distress because of the anxiety that comes from overthinking. People are always engaged in thinking about whether to stay in the marriage or not and that increases overthinking.

Negative thinking overthinking in unhappy marriage

6. Emotional Pain

You and your emotional pain are influenced by an unhappy marriage. People feel more pain when they are emotionally disconnected from the person they love. They often experience negative feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, emptiness, frustration, fear, loneliness and resentment. You experience pain during arguments and don’t feel valued and considered for it.

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