What is Anxiety

Many a times, you might have heard people say that they are suffering from anxiety. Or that they had an anxiety attack recently. And that must have made you think about anxiety. And about the ways that anxiety can be treated.

You have probably also heard other terms such as anxiety disorders and anxiety counselling. These are all important aspects of anxiety. In order to know about anxiety in detail, first we need to understand what anxiety is.

So, what is anxiety?

Anxiety is that feeling you get before you go to a job interview or giving a big speech on the stage. It is what a child may feel on the first day of school or before going to appear for an examination.

When you feel butterflies in your stomach or your heart starts to race, know that what you are going through is anxiety.

Coping with Anxiety

To a certain extent, these feelings are natural. However, if you continue to feel anxious about events or incidents for more than six months, then you might have an anxiety disorder.

Not treating the mental health issues on time can make the symptoms worse. This in turn can make it harder to treat mental health problems when a person seeks treatment for mental health issues.

Hence, it is vital that you get therapy online or in-person the moment you feel like you are having any of the anxiety symptoms.

Now, the questions are, what are the symptoms of anxiety? How to identify anxiety? Keep scrolling to find out.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Different people experience anxiety in different ways. Some may get panic attacks, some may get nightmares, while others may keep having painful thoughts or memories repeatedly.

In general, a person who’s suffering from anxiety might have the following symptoms –

  1. Restlessness – When there’s restlessness in your mind. And you just can’t seem to be able to make yourself calm, it is a huge sign that you have anxiety.
  2. Rapid breathing – One of the physical symptoms of anxiety is rapid breathing. If you find yourself breathing faster than you usually do, then you are anxious about something. It might even be the start of an anxiety attack.
  3. Increased heart rate – Another physical symptom of anxiety is an increased heart rate. An increased heart rate is normal after exercising. But if you often find that your heart is beating faster than it should, then you have anxiety.
  4. Sleep problems – A person who has anxiety would be plagued by negative and fearful thoughts. This would make it harder for that person to fall asleep. Even when they finally do fall asleep, they end up having nightmares.
  5. Declined focus – A person with anxiety finds it hard to concentrate on anything. If you have noticed a decline in focus, then chances are that you have some sort of anxiety disorder.

Identifying anxiety is not always that easy. If you feel yourself constantly stressed about things, then check if you have the above-mentioned symptoms of anxiety.

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If you find yourself saying yes to one or many of the anxiety symptoms, then get online therapy for anxiety. Online anxiety counselling is quite helpful in tackling anxiety problems.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Online counseling for anxiety is also very useful in preventing anxiety attacks. Let us discuss anxiety attacks for better understanding.

What is an anxiety attack?

Having feelings of overwhelming distress, fear, worry or apprehension can be described as an anxiety attack. In some people, an anxiety attack builds gradually over a short period of time.

Then it becomes worse as a stressful event is on the horizon. And soon enough, the person experiences a full blown anxiety attack.

Anxiety attack symptoms in females and male are somewhat the same. However, studies have found that compared to men, more women tend to suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety attack include sweating, restlessness, dry mouth, shortness of breath, feeling distressed, feeling faint, getting chills, getting dizzy, having feelings of fear, getting hot flashes, constant worry, being apprehensive, numbness, and getting tingling sensation.

What is an Anxiety Attack

One thing to remember is that symptoms of anxiety attacks differ from person to person. Also, the symptoms of anxiety may change over time even in the same person.

Another important thing to remember is that top online therapists can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety. With the right online counselling for anxiety, a person’s anxiety can be cured almost completely.

So, if you are having anxiety issues, do not keep turning a blind eye to it. You don’t have to keep suffering. Chat with an online counsellor and get help for your anxiety problems.

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Soon you’ll notice how helpful online counseling sessions are for dealing with anxiety issues.

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