5 Reasons why talking to a Professional is different from talking to a Friend

5 Reasons why talking to a Professional is different from talking to a Friend

Taking professional mental help is itself facing many myths thus people avoid taking counselling for their mental health problems. But they still feel like sharing their problems with someone so they do it with their friend. They do feel relaxed and calm but it’s only a temporary feeling because there was nothing professional and healing didn’t happen while talking to the friend.

Some friends are really good listeners but a mental health professional has certain skills and training that is needed to help a person suffering from a mental health issue. And friends generally give advice that doesn’t work most of the time. So, talking to a friend puts mental health and personal relationship both in danger. Thus, therapeutic relationship with a mental health professional should be given more importance than friendship.

Choosing to talk to a friend can also happen due to a fear of letting a stranger know our thoughts and personal experiences and face any kind of embarrassment and shame. But one should know the benefits of taking counselling from a mental health professional and thus not refrain from it.

Here are some of the reasons that why talking to a professional is more beneficial than talking to a friend:

1. You get undivided attention

With whom you share your problems, be it your best friend, close friend, sibling, parents or any loved one, they might not be always there for you and as long as you want them to be. But a therapist/ mental health professional will always be there for you when no one else is. You have to book your appointment with them and they will be with you for that duration without any interference and disturbance. They will listen to all of your problems and you will have the opportunity to talk and express yourself.

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And all of this is not even remotely possible with your friends and loved ones. Significant others of your life are already so much busy in their own life so it is difficult for them to give you their full and undivided attention. That’s why talking to a professional is different than talking to a friend as the mental health professional will be there with you for a duration that is selected by you.

Psychologist give undivided attention

2. You can be your real self

Mental health professionals are trained in such ways that you won’t feel being judged and always experience supportiveness and care. So, it is totally safe to share personal secrets and stories with them unlike friends with whom it is difficult to be all out there with personal issues as they will definitely judge you. Mental health professionals won’t tell anyone about your embarrassing stuff but there will always be a fear of your personal information getting leaked by your friend. So, one can show anger, sadness, frustrations and any wrong thing in the session. It will all be safe with the mental health professional as confidentiality is totally guaranteed but it won’t be possible with a friend.

you can be real self with psychologist

3. You can experience healing in natural ways

Therapist/Counselor have years of experience and training which helps them to develop skills and knowledge that your friend might not have to help you. Mental health professionals provide a calm, supportive, caring and non-judgmental environment so that client feels comfortable. This is the first step towards healing of the client. Also, mental health professionals have empathetic personality, provides unconditional positive regard and genuineness which is all required and needed by the client who is coming with a lot of problems. So, unlike friends, mental health professionals can provide everything that is essential for your healing. In the sessions, your emotions are validated; situations are normalized and are taught various skills that are needed to cope with the future difficult situations.

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4. Decision making in totally in your hands

Significant others in your life like friends, parents or any loved one might end the talking session with an advice and just move on with their life but it’s not the same in the counselling session. Mental health professionals will listen to you, offer you guidance, give you the chance to make a decision and help you to develop self-worth and self-esteem. Your love ones may even interfere in your life without your permission and control and plan things to be done by you. Whereas the mental health professional will listen to you and let you decide what is best for you while giving you his support and guidance.

Decision making in totally in your hands with mental health professional

5. You can learn various skills with the therapist

Unlike talking to a friend where you only share problems and get a solution, while talking to a mental health professional you even get the opportunity to learn various skills that are necessary for you. Mental health professionals even helps the client to develop self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance, healthy ways to deal with negative emotions and thoughts, problem-solving, decision-making, self-confidence, etc. In the counselling session, you have the chance to plan out your life, take important decisions and be satisfied in that. It is very essential to begin the process of healing and achieve personal growth. But learning all of these is very unlikely when you talk about your issue with your friend.

As you can see now, how talking to a friend is less beneficial but talking to a mental health professional is a life changing decision.

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Learn various skills with the therapist

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