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7 Signs That You Need Counselling for Anger Management

Anger is a natural and normal human emotion. Everyone gets angry from time to time. But anger may become a problem when you have trouble controlling it. You may end up saying or doing things that you regret later.

Anger can spiral out of control and you can end up causing verbal abuse or physical harm. To yourself and to others. Studies conducted by psychologists have found the conclusion that uncontrolled anger is bad for your mental health as well as your physical health.

However, anger issues can be managed through online counselling. To truly understand anger management, let us first learn a few things about anger issues.

Types of Anger Issues

Each person is different and has his or her own personality. Hence, not everyone expresses their anger the same way. Depending on an individual, anger can manifest itself in the following ways –

1. Passive

When a person uses subtle or indirect ways of expressing anger, then it is called passive anger. It is something that can be resolved through anger issues online counselling.

Types of Anger Issues

Sulking, giving someone the silent treatment, making insulting remarks, being sarcastic, mocking or taunting other people are all characteristics of passive aggressive behaviour.

2. Inward

When a person directs their anger towards themselves, it is known as an inward expression of anger. This is where a person talks badly about himself or herself. And, deny themselves the things that make them happy.

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They may even stop eating food and isolate themselves from other people. Often, self-harm is a result of inward anger in people. If you’re suffering from something similar, you can try getting help through anger management counselling online.

3. Outward

Outward type of anger is when a person expresses their anger and aggression in an obvious way. This type of anger issue is perhaps the most common one. It can be treated through anger management counseling.

Outward anger issues include actions like throwing things, breaking things, shouting really badly and cursing. A person who is suffering from this type of anger management issue might even become physically and verbally abusive towards other people.

What is anger management?

The process of anger management includes various types of psycho-therapeutic programs that suit the individual needs of the person seeking therapy for anger issues.

Therapy for anger management can be received in-person from a psychotherapist. And online counselling for anger management is also available for the ones who prefer to get therapy online. Anger management counseling is quite effective in both the mediums of counselling and therapy.

What is anger management?

It has already been established that anger is a normal human emotion. However, when the expression of anger gets out of control, it becomes a problem. If you are facing similar issues, do not fret. In most cases, anger issues, no matter how severe, can be resolved through online therapy and counseling.

Signs that you Need Counselling for Anger Management

Anger is a natural human emotion. When expressed in a controlled manner, anger is even good for your mental health. When anger is left unexpressed, it manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes, it shows itself in uncontrolled little outbursts.

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Uncontrolled expression of anger is something that can be harmful towards the person expressing anger and also to the people around that person. Look out for the following signs if you feel like you need counselling for anger management –

1. Emotional Responses

When a conflict arises, a person is expected to express their opinions in a calm and composed manner. But if you are struggling with anger issues and always end up responding emotionally, then you can try online counseling for anger management. Emotional responses include quickly getting sad, irritated, anxious, guilty or resentful.

2. Physical Responses

Physical responses of anger are perhaps the most common ones. They are also easily identifiable. People with anger issues find it hard to contain their emotions. They raise their voice, pace around, rub their forehead, crave certain substances or become sarcastic. If you have noticed similar traits in yourself, then you need counseling for anger issues.

3. Outward Aggression

Outward aggression is also quite common in a person who has anger issues. When a person is having trouble expressing their anger in a healthy manner, it often comes out in angry outbursts. These outbursts can be in the form of verbal abuse (like shouting, swearing, etc.) or in the form of physical violence.

4. Substance Abuse

The ones who are suffering from anger issues might resort to various substances (like drugs, alcohol, etc.) in order to numb their emotions. But that is not really a solution. It is only a temporary relief that makes the anger issues even worse. It can even lead to addiction and abuse. If you feel like you are facing anger issues, you can try anger management counselling online.

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5. Susceptible to Triggers

In some cases, anger issues can be the result of addictions, substance abuse and certain mental health issues. Hence, outbursts of anger in persons get triggered by things that affect them individually. Some people may become violent after having too many drinks. And others may find it hard to control their anger due to the condition of their mental health.

6. Expression of Emotions

People who are struggling with anger issues often find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings in a calm manner. Especially when having a disagreement with another person. They also find it hard to reach a mutual agreement during conflicts. If this happens to you often, then you need anger management counselling.

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7. Isolation & Self Harm

Sometimes, a person does not get the opportunity to express their anger in an outward manner. When this happens, the suppressed anger affects the inwards. The person suffering from anger management issues starts isolating himself/herself. Eventually, it leads to self-harm. In case you are going through something similar, you can opt for online counselling for anger management.

How can OnlineCounselling4U help?

When a person is suffering from anger issues, it might seem like there is no solution for it. But the truth is, it is possible to resolve countless mental health and behavioural issues through online therapy and counselling. Hence, online counselling for anger management is something that you can try. Our qualified online counsellors are here to help you out. So, chat with our mental health experts today!

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