Steps to deal with social media addiction

Steps to deal with social media addiction

Neha, a sixteen-year-old girl, uploaded her photo on a social media platform a few hours ago. And since then, she had been checking the number of likes she got. She kept checking her social media accounts now and then, ditching her study time. She was anxious, nervous at the peaks, and looked heartbroken when she did not receive the number of likes and fabulous comments that she was expecting.

Sunita a socialite was depressed because she was being trolled on social media for her dressing sense in a high-profile party.

This is the latest addition that is pestering almost all age groups all over the world. As per research 5-10 percent of young and adult are ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA. On average a person is checking his/ her phone once every twelve minutes. What a loss of productivity!!

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“The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as behavior that becomes compulsive or continues despite negative consequences. In 2017, 43% of Americans reported checking social media constantly, and 20% said social media is a source of stress.”

But the big question is what makes people hooked up to their phones and social media??

Every time a person checks his or her SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT, for a positive response there is an instant spike in the DOPAMINE LEVELS. A pleasure hormone, that is released in abundance. These altered levels of releasing the PLEASURE HORMONE make one ADDICTED to SOCIAL MEDIA or say just any substance. The POSITIVE FEELINGS one gets from SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION is just temporary. And one gets swayed away by it in the wrong ways.

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Side effects of social media addiction

All the young and small, adults and the old no one has remained unfazed by the glitter of SOCIAL MEDIA at some point in time. It looks like it has taken almost everyone under its glitches. From school-going children to highly qualified professionals. Many are addicted to SOCIAL MEDIA wasting the most productive time of their life.

Side effects of social media addiction

Low Productivity

Knowingly a person spends most of the working hours with digital toys surfing SOCIAL MEDIA. This is a major loss of TIME AND PRODUCTIVITY. Be it a student or a professional, everyone who is addicted to SOCIAL MEDIA is hit with LOW PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS.

Social Media Pressure

A person is under constant pressure to look good and happy for faking one’s status on SOCIAL MEDIA. This creates unnecessary pressure on the person. Following the peers and the latest trends creates the SOCIAL MEDIA PRESSURE.

Anxiety and Depression

SOCIAL MEDIA ANXIETY AND SOCIAL MEDIA DEPRESSION is the latest MENTAL HEALTH concern that is doing rounds in society. Many PSYCHOLOGISTS, SOCIOLOGISTS, AND PSYCHIATRISTS are trying their best to keep the people on high alert regarding this new disorder. Trolling, stalking, cyber crimes, and many other things lead to ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION.

Indtruded Privacy

Being on SOCIAL MEDIA all the time rips one of their PRIVACY. Especially for elite people and celebrities who are being constantly under the watchful eyes of the people for the wrong reasons.


Many people fall prey to the online glitz and get into multiple virtual relationships. Gradually infidelity creeps in. This has broken many hearts and relationships.

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Low Self Esteem

As the person is under constant pressure to look good, and make the presence felt everywhere, almost on all the SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, the feeling of being TROLLED, IGNORED, GETTING DISLIKES OR SOME NEGATIVE COMMENTS puts one’s SELF ESTEEM on the low shelf.

Exaggerated Stress Levels

The constant pressure of looking presentable, and being the center of attraction on social media rises the STRESS LEVELS.

Connected to the world disconnected from with in

Social media sites came into existence to enable people to connect with people from all over the world. The main motive behind a social media platform was to share knowledge and learning from one another. It was meant to bring distant friends and relatives closer and bond over things virtually. But just like any other technology, this too is misinterpreted and misused. Hence people feel lonely despite having 1000s of followers and friends online. Because though all are connected but they are not connected to the immediate family members back at home and with themselves.

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Steps to deal with social media addiction

Any addiction is just a compulsive behavior that needs to be curbed down with a few steps and strategies

Steps to deal with social media addiction

Set Timer

One has to curb down the time spent on social media. This can be done by setting timers. Cut down the time you check yourself on SOCIAL MEDIA. And allot a stipulated time to check social media.

Turn Off Notification

Notifications from social media and other sites are the major distractions that provoke one to check their social media accounts often.

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Set short and regular goals

Small regular goals are easy to achieve. It’s like taking a baby-step approach towards a HIGHER GOAL. The feeling of ACHIEVING A GOAL gives a euphoric feeling. This sense of fulfillment gives rise to the DOPAMINE levels.

Set higher goals

A person without a higher goal is like a ship without proper navigation and destination. Higher Goals keep one focused without dwindling from the path.

Connect with family and friends

This sounds very confusing. As one might think that the person is doing the same thing on SOCIAL MEDIA TOO. But the fact is one must invest emotions in real relationships than virtual ones. Hence connect with people who are around you. spend time with them. This will give one a realistic feel and more confidence.

When to look for help

When you feel that yourself, your family member, a friend appears to be hooked up to social media all the time. Seems depressed or going through bouts of anxiety and other psychological issues, then it’s time to take a call. One must look for help from a COUNSELORS / PSYCHOLOGIST / PSYCHIATRIST / PSYCHOTHERAPIST.

How online counseling helps people

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