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I developed an interest in Psychology when I was in 10th standard. I had come across a documentary on World War 2 and it lead me to think about the di read more...


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I developed an interest in Psychology when I was in 10th standard. I had come across a documentary on World War 2 and it lead me to think about the different manifestations in a person’s psyche that make them do or believe in such stringent opinions and conduct of behaviour. Later, I pursued my interest further and did a BSc psychology from the renowned Loreto college, Kolkata.

During this time I was very keen on learning the humanistic and existential approach in psychology. I felt people could find a solution to their problems by looking within themselves and harnessing a deeper knowledge about their core values, interests, ideas, judgements and desires but the final path to peace and happiness was acceptance of oneself.

After I completed my Masters with specialisation in Clinical Psychology from the UK, I joined a Rehabilitation Center in Pune as a Clinical Psychologist. There I not only got a first hand experience with dealing with mental health patients, I also learnt about the different sensibilities one needs to deal with such patients.

Through the different modules that I learnt in college as well as through the different work experiences that I have obtained in the past few years I believe I have developed a non-judgemental, open minded and empathetic attitude which allows me to be more approachable to many patients and their problems.

I am a firm believer in creating a positive and comfortable environment for my clients and patients which enhances the therapeutic alliance and leads to a holistic growth of the client or the patient.


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