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Hello there! Greetings. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with more than three years of experie read more...


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Hello there! Greetings. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist with more than three years of experience in the clinical field. I completed MPhil Clinical Psychology from JSS Academy of higher education and research which is one of the top rated universities in India.

I’ve been rigorously trained at JSS hospital for two years continuously with expertise in detailed case history taking, psychological assessments including protective tests such as TAT and Rorschach inkblot test. I’ve also been trained in administering a wide variety of therapies.

Apart from the clinical training, I’ve presented seminars, case conferences and journal clubs.

I’ve also been actively involved in serving as a student mentor for a group of more than 100 students aspiring to clear their MPhil and UGC NET exams. On an average, I’ve an overall rating of 4.7 by my clients.

I handle individual therapies with expertise in treating adult with depression, stress, anxiety, OCD, marital issues, relationship problems, anger issues and substance abuse.


As a clinical psychologist, I usually try to tailor make the treatment plan according to the clients’ needs. Therefore, I follow an integrated, eclectic approach with emphasis on being empathetic, genuine, and client centered.

I have excellent skills in administering therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness based interventions, and relaxation training.

My process of handling a case starts with building rapport with the client, detailed intake of the chief concerns, psycho-educating the client about his/her problem followed by administering psychological tests and assessments based on the chief complaints. Once I get a comprehensive picture of the client’s problem, I build a treatment plan which will collaboratively discussed.

I also deal with clients who show up with difficulties coping with daily hassles. I also place certain importance on bringing in lifestyle changes which might be an integral part of the therapy.


M.Phil in Clinical Psychology


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