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Hello, I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and trained in counselling and psychotherapy. I love to patiently listen and talk with people with non-ju read more...


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Hello, I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist and trained in counselling and psychotherapy. I love to patiently listen and talk with people with non-judgmental attitude. I love to offer my knowledge to needy people so that they aware about the psychological concern and update themselves.

Personally I believe that everyone have to suffer with psychological problem in any stage of life and that time person has need a person, who can give support and direction of his unresolved problems. I am supposed to myself, that I can give adequately support and direction to others. I am very passionate to deliver practical psychological technique to needful person so that they become capable to change their problematic behavior and maintain intense negative emotion.

My always aim to promote and develop positive aspect in the human mind and body so that person herself/himself understand worth of his life. In spite of that I am so much interested to work with children and their behavior, emotional issue with the support of their parents.

I always observed myself during my clinical practice that my patients/ clients always feel safe and secure with the session and find themselves motivated to face his emotional and psychological pain. I am dedicated to helping people master in emotional well-being and gift a person safe space to share, ventilate, heal and see new aspect of life and embrace the beautiful life.


  • MA Clinical Psychology
  • MPhil in Clinical Psychology
  • RCI Certified Counsellor


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