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I am a highly motivated person with a lot of passion inside me to help people deal with their problems that they face in their day to day lives. My in read more...


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I am a highly motivated person with a lot of passion inside me to help people deal with their problems that they face in their day to day lives. My inclination in the field of psychology began when the seeds were sown in grade 12 as it was one of my subjects and later on studied counselling in graduation which seems to have caught my eye. It made me realise that there are people who are unaware of their feelings and need to adhere to their issues which they are ignorant of and eventually resorts them lead to deal with their lifestyle in an unhealthy way.

Till date the Indian society is not comfortable in approaching a counsellor as it is still considered a taboo. They do not seem to understand that in today’s day and era no one has time to listen to their problems as they are too busy dealing with their owns issues whether it being family/friends/colleagues. Everyone faces difficulties in their lives but is not able to cope with them so lending an ear is not going to harm them in any way. It is rather a positive approach to the problems that they are facing.

I would describe myself as a dedicated, responsible individual who would be more than happy to make a difference in someone’s disturbed life and help people tackle with their daily problems by steering them in the right direction and not just providing direct answers to them. My empathetic nature is an added advantage in addressing the issues faced by individuals at large.

My fondness is this field is to such an extent that i would be more than glad to assist people to realise how important it is to live a healthy and fruitful life. All I think is that everyone needs to be guided so that they have a sense of direction. As life is too short to make the same mistakes twice.


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