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My name is Bonani and I am a Bengali. I am fluent in speaking 3 languages - Bengali, Hindi and Engli read more...


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My name is Bonani and I am a Bengali. I am fluent in speaking 3 languages - Bengali, Hindi and English. I have a kind nature, with understanding, generosity, empathy, active listening skills, and I am non-judgemental. I have completed my Post Graduation in Psychology (Specialization in Counseling Psychology) from Bangalore.

I have done internships during Post Graduation at Spandana Nursing Home and Prasanna Counseling Center. Internships at both the places helped me to get practical experiences with patients having anxiety, relationship issues, depression, schizophrenia, career issues, alcohol dependency etc.. I use an eclectic approach in my counseling sessions.

I have certificates in CBT which helps in cognitive restructuring, SFBT and therapeutic Art Life Coach that includes mandala art, art journals etc. I can help you with various psychotherapies and psychological interventions and exercises which will help to understand yourself better, overcome your fears, disorders and life stressors.


M.Sc. Psychology (Counseling)


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