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A recent graduate of MSc Clinical & Health Psychology, I am a motivated, enthusiastic MBPsS and read more...


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A recent graduate of MSc Clinical & Health Psychology, I am a motivated, enthusiastic MBPsS and an aspiring Clinical Psychologist, who is passionate about promoting independence and well being looking forward to getting trained in a dynamic work environment to enhance my existing knowledge and skills. I have extensive knowledge of the DSM-V disorders and am competent in identifying and managing common mental health problems. Throughout university, I also learnt neuroanatomy, neuropathology and psychopathology, neuropsychological assessments & psychometric testing, various psychological theories, the basics of multiple psychotherapies such as CBT, DBT, ACT, etc, psychological interventions and neurorehabilitation. I believe I am able to generate clinical formulations and develop framework specific to the therapeutic approach. I have practiced through seminars at university, in my training courses and as a psychology intern and a signpost mentor. I developed excellent research skills, my favourite being the qualitative approach is interpretative in nature, report writing, literature reviewing & critical thinking, computer literacy skills, especially in MS Word, MS Excel and SPSS which have been practiced and enhanced throughout university, especially in my final year projects.

My undergraduate dissertation was based on "Effectiveness of Peer Mentoring on University Students". My master's project was based on "Clinical Decision-Making of Prescribing Antipsychotics for First Episode Schizophrenia". This project, especially gave me a deep understanding of applications of psychological theories to healthcare, importance of psychoeducation, and inculcated the values of Evidence-Based Practice & shared decision making in me. Thus, in my own practice, I would strive to follow all these values and guidelines such as NICE. As an MBPsS, I do understand and religiously follow the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct. I stand by the third wave therapy motto, to not be a guide but to help the client be their own guide to resolve their problems. I've been trained effectively on therapeutic skills such as Socratic questioning but I often mix it with a didactic style to facilitate psychoeducation. I work strongly on my rapport building skills, maintain a positive outlook, create shared experience, maintain a certain body language showing acceptance and responsiveness and at times use a mirror and match technique.

It is of utmost important to never invalidate one's thoughts, feelings and experiences and that is what I am to do, by providing unconditional acceptance. I enjoy assigning and conducting homework, especially those where you can participate with the client, such as Rational Emotive Imagery, as this can facilitate trust and strengthen the therapeutic bond. As a volunteer for the Alzheimer's society, I provided face to face support to the elderly with dementia to enhance their well being. I got first-hand experience of the progression of dementia, its presentations, and its management which has been useful in learning neuroanatomy and neuropathology during my master's. My time here developed a lot of patience in me as it was not always easy to cope with what you may come across. With much patience came better interpersonal skills.

I have learnt how to effectively cope with highly emotive circumstances and unprecedented or aggressive behaviour and made me more resilient. It wasn't easy at first but I did gain a more solution focused approach in identifying and overcoming barriers, made me very flexible and more driven to provide as much assistance I can to aid someone's mental health. I became well acquainted with the applications of health and safety and risk assessment procedures. My goal is to leave the world in a better place than it was when I came into it, to be the help I wish I received.


  • BSc Psychology (Hons) from Aberystwyth University, UK
  • MSc Clinical & Health Psychology (Bangor University, UK)
  • MSc Health (currently studying, Brighton University, UK)


Hindi, Marathi, English, Spanish, Welsh

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